Tribute to Anton Furst, the REAL Batmobile Builder

The Real Batmobile Builder

Beyond gothic, menacing, brutal and larger life all describe the timeless work of art that is 1989 Batmobile so delicately sculpted by Anton Furst. Since its debut in 1989, people from all walks of life building 1989 batmobiles in their own garages and workshops and have been bestowed the title of "Batmobile Builder" for their workmanships. However, for 2000+ visitors visting 1989 Batmobile Replica site every day, there will always be only one TRUE BATMOBILE BUILDER, Anton Furst.

Anton Furst

Anton Furst was a production designer who worked on "Company of Wolves," "Full Metal Jacket" and "Batman," for which he won an Academy Award for art direction. He is best remembered for creating the hauting sets and the 1989 Batmobile for Tim Burton's "Batman". Sadly on November 5th, 1991 at the age of 47 years old, Anton Furst commited suicide but his legay is carried on by the fans who appreciate his work of art. We salute the visionary man who gave us the 1989 Batmobile! RIP